Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews


Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews

Briggs and Riley Sympatico is a carry-on spinner, coming at the total height of 21-inches (the total heights in official descriptions factors in the wheel height as well, but that’s not the case here). At the discounted price, what you are getting is an extremely durable, fashionable, and high-capacity carry-on that fits well with airline overheads. Read our Briggs and Riley Sympatico reviews to find out more before you come to a decision about buying it.

The Briggs and Riley Sympatico International carry-on comes with three color options to choose from. These are marine blue (about $10 cheaper), burgundy, and the black one that we have been using for a while now.


Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews

Briggs and Riley Sympatico: Details and specs

As the total height of the wheels and handlebar is 21 inches (not with handle out), it might sometimes be difficult to put in airline overhead bins. You will have to go for sideways bins. The exact dimensions are 22.5-inches by 14-inches width and a 9-inches depth. This is a lot of space. And for what weight are you getting the Sympatico? An unbelievable 7.5 lbs! At less than 8 pounds, you can feel the lightness in the Sympatico. It also allows you to pack more stuff without crossing the weight limits of airlines.

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews

Sympatico features nylon lining on the interiors. The outside shell is made of polycarbonate, a typical material used in most of the good quality Hardcase carry-ons. The wheels haven’t been causing any problems so far. The zippers work really smoothly but we haven’t used them much. Rest is all good.

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews

One of the most important things about the Briggs and Riley Sympatico is that it comes with a lifetime performance warranty. It essentially means that you can be assured of a consistent and continual quality performance for the lifetime. The warranty further covers airline damage, which is a huge bonus. The lack of such a versatile warranty is indeed one of the reasons why people don’t go for certain carry-ons. So, if you are one of those people, your chances of being satisfied with the Briggs and Riley Sympatico increase manifold.

ZIPPER YKK® RC zippers for smooth, self-repairing zipper action; ergonomic, lockable double zipper pulls with gunmetal finish
FABRIC High-strength Makrolon® 100% Virgin Polycarbonate hard case shell NESTING SU127CXSP, SU130CXSP
CAPACITY 2646 – 3234 cu. in. (expanded) / 43.6 – 53 liters (expanded)
CASE DIMENSIONS 19 x 14 x 9 in./49 x 35.5 x 23 cm

How well does it fare?

Close to a 4 out of 5 rating, this carry-on is a good option for people who have the bucks to spend. Normally, people don’t spend more than a hundred on a carry-on luggage suitcase for shorter trips. However, the Sympatico makes it worth the extra money with quality performance and durability.

Briggs and Riley Sympatico Reviews

People love the lightness and the capacity. Also, the lifetime warranty and airport damage coverage are two more things to love. In general, the Sympatico is one of the best-selling carry-ons out there. It’s currently #71 out of all carry-ons on Amazon and is slowly climbing up the ranks.

Wrapping up The Briggs and Riley Sympatico reviews

You have to know that the warranty doesn’t cover certain things. The warranty aims towards maintaining good performance throughout the lifetime of the product, but things that shorten the lifetime of the product are not under the coverage. What’s not under coverage includes wear and tear, zipper malfunctions, scuffing, and more. Read the warranty document carefully if you want to avoid confusion later on.


  • Coverage  Do not includes wear and tear, zipper malfunctions, scuffing, and more
  • Kind of expensive for a not frequent traveler.


  • Lightness and the capacity
  • The warranty further covers airline damage
  • Lifetime performance warranty

That being said, the Briggs and Riley Sympatico carry-on is one of the best in this price range for the style statement, durability, and the warranty it comes with.

briggs and riley sympatico reviews