IT Luggage Megalite Reviews


IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

IT Luggage Megalite is a trending search right now. In our IT Luggage Megalite reviews, you will see why to choose it and why not to choose it. People from across the globe are interested in the Megalite, and not just in the USA. The reason? Simple. Megalite is perhaps one of the lightest ever luggage suitcases you will find. Some people need exactly that: the lightness. They don’t want to compromise on the quality of the interior, the shell, or the height and dimensions in general, but they want it super light.

IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

IT Luggage Megalite is based on that belief. IT Luggage, as a brand, is popularized as a manufacturer of extremely lightweight luggage carry-ons. Let’s find out whether the Megalite is for you or not.

IT Luggage Megalite: Details and specs

The Megalite is made up of lower quality material than premium luggage suitcases. The high-density polyester doesn’t have the impact resistance that is necessary for carry-ons that will be going through a lot of rough experiences in their lifetime. Hopefully, you don’t mean to get yours into those experience. If you can be a bit careful, then the Megalite will outlive your expected lifespan for it.

IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

There is a little front zipper that opens into a front pocket. This pocket comes in handy to keep on-the-go stuff from documents to toothpaste. We can’t stress the importance of this little “quickie” pocket (as our team likes to call those) enough. This can prove to be a lifesaver — as it has been in many cases.

IT Luggage Megalite Reviews


The interiors aren’t special. But they deserve a mention. The interior fabric is fully lined. There is also an insideĀ zipper for a mesh pocket that looks really good. There are also a couple of straps (tie-down) for managing your stuff inside. The interiors feel really smooth and work as a cool place to organize plenty of small things.

How well does it fare?

Usually, people who need extra-light luggage suitcases go for the IT Luggage Megalite. If you need a general one, there are much better options just because they don’t specialize in one thing. However, if having a light suitcase is your aim, then this is what you will go for.

IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

Based on that, it can be assumed that most of the customer feedback comes from people who require lightweight luggage carry-ons. Among those, the reviews are largely positive. A few defects have sprung up every now and then, but you’ll be fine. 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon — that’s no small feat.

Wrapping up The IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

IT Luggage Megalite Reviews

At the writing of this review, the Megalite is at a 79% discount on Amazon. There is no better time to make a decision if you are planning on buying it anyway.

If you’re more into lightweight luggage suitcases then there is only a handful of products that you should consider along with the IT Luggage Megalite. Or perhaps none. The Megalite is a clear winner in this niche and there is no reason why you should think of going for some other model or product when the Megalite is there.


  • Well made. Easy to maneuver.
  • Lots of room.
  • A great bright color that stands out.


  • Slightly more weight than the IT Luggage Los Angeles 21.5″ carry on.
  • Rounded sides mean your packing cubes get squished a bit.

Overall good quality, cheap price (at least right now it’s very cheap), and an efficient functioning — the Megalite deliverĀ great performance while being one of the lightest carry-ons in the price segment. Surely a good deal.

it luggage megalite reviews

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