Samsonite Freeform Review


Samsonite Freeform review

The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner is a 21-inches tall best-selling luggage suitcase. Right now, the price has been decreased and that is more reason to buy it. But don’t make a decision before you read our Samsonite Freeform review.

It’s a solid suitcase that comes with a great deal of capacity and a good style statement. It is further complemented by a happy user base.

Type: Spinner
Width:  14.5 in
Depth:   10 in
Height: 22.5 in
Weight:  6.5 lbs
Material: Polycarbonate
Carrying Strap: Side carry handle
Closure Type: Pin code lock
Telescopic Handle Yes

Samsonite Freeform: Details and specs

samsonite freeform review

Equipped with a TSA 3-dial combination recessed lock and made of a typical polypropylene base, the material is not especially sturdy. The frame is powerful. The outer casing is really strong. Unless you have a habit of crashing your luggage suitcase, the Samsonite Freeform functions flawlessly.

samsonite freeform review

The shell makes the whole suitcase very light. The material is light and strong. It’s comfortable to carry and the low weight helps you stay below the maximum weight carriage limit of airlines.

samsonite freeform review

The suitcase features modern dual-spinning wheels that we absolutely dig. The specialty of these wheels over the traditional luggage carry-on wheels is that there is little to no strain on your arms and shoulders when you move around even with a fully loaded suitcase. Turning around is as easy as a breeze. 360 degrees upright rolling and durable wheels that can cover all terrains — what more do you need?

samsonite freeform review

keeping your stuff organized is extremely easy with the inclusion of many pockets and zippers inside the Freeform. This spinner carry-on features across ribbon and divider to make your packing and unpacking easier. Partial unpacking for something particular in the middle of your journey is also fairly easy thanks to the expert organization within the carry-on.

At 20.5-inches, the Samsonite Freeform Hardside spinner is a tall enough carry-on that will have no problem in fitting in domestic overheads and staying sleek in international airlines as well.

How well does it fare?

We loved the suitcase. And we were not wrong in thinking that there is no one who will dislike it for any reason. The customer response has been truly great to the Samsonite Freeform. For under a hundred bucks, you are getting a full luggage suitcase loaded with the best features that never disappoint.

All in all, you can safely estimate that most of the people who buy the Freeform spinner are more than just satisfied with the performance it delivers and the quality it is made up of.


  • It comes in six variations.
  • Price
  • 360 degrees upright rolling and durable wheels that can cover all terrains.
  • The material is light and strong.
  • Modern Design.


  • Scratches are permanent.

Wrapping up The Samsonite Freeform review

It comes in six variations. The white and white/gray ones are priced higher. Then there are the jet black and black versions that go with the harmony of most other luggage suitcases. Sage green and green/gray are the other two options that look somewhat unconventional.

samsonite freeform review

The Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner is a very good option to go for. It’s not a cheap carry-on, at least not when it comes to quality. Storage space and durability might be typical but there is something about the Samsonite Freeform that makes it stand apart from the crowd. It’s a people’s favorite.


Samsonite Freeform Hardside spinner 21

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