Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews


Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews

The Tumi Tegra Lite is a premium luggage suitcase falling in the $500-900 price range. It is exclusively for people who need a premium suitcase and can’t do with typical ones. In our Tumi Tegra Lite reviews, you will find that most of the information is provided in a detailed manner. This might bore you, but all this information is necessary to know when you are making a costly purchase like this.

Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews


Tumi Tegra Lite: Details and specs

There is a lot to talk about in the details and specs section of the Tumi Tegra Lite. Let’s start.

Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews

1. The base material

The material is “revolutionary,” to quote the manufacturer. Tumi Tegra Lite is made from Tegris®. Tegris® is a material designed for high-end equipment that needs to withstand above normal levels of stress. This material is typically used in NASCAR race cars and armor. Tumi has purchased exclusive rights to use this material in its luggage suitcases. What are the specialties of the material?

Tegris® is a polypropylene thermoplastic, the same kind of material that most premium and high-end luggage suitcases are made up of. But Tegris® provides some more benefits. The impact resistance of Tegris® is many times that of other composites. This means that you have nothing to worry about when you’re going on trips that include the risk of the suitcase falling, crashing, or getting in any kind of impact.

Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews

2. Style statement

This is something we couldn’t resist talking about. The Tegra Lite offers a visually stunning look and feel. It’s premium and it looks cool. The patterns and textures that you get with the Tegra Lite models are really wonderful. Yes, some patterns are not wonderful jobs and you would agree to that.

3. Unparalleled functionality

We found the Tegra Lite to offer a great functionality. The wheels are dual-spinning, ensuring that your mobility is extra smooth and safe. Rotating is easy. The handle system is robust. Known officially as the “high-impact  X-Brace 45” handle system, it proves to be advantageous over typical premium luggage suitcase handles. According to official statements, the X-Brace 45 can get the risk of handle damage out of the way.

How well does it fare?

People love it for the durability and functionality that the Tumi Tegra Lite offers. It looks good, it performs good, and is made of a material that has much-increased impact resistance. Those for whom this is precisely what they need dig the design and construction value.

Anyone who needs a high-end premium luggage suitcase that is robust and strong immediately falls in love with the Tumi Tegra Lite.

Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews

Wrapping up The Tumi Tegra Lite reviews

Lightweight and extremely durable — the Tumi Tegra Lite delivers much better performance than what it promises on paper. The Tegra Lite, however, is not for everyone. But if you need a high impact resistant and premium-quality luggage suitcase, then Tumi Tegra Lite is the product you should go for. It comes in two shades: Fossil and Graphite — both of which look stylish and sexy.

Tumi Tegra Lite Reviews

The rest of the properties might match other premium-grade luggage products, but you will see that there is no beating the Tegra Lite when it comes to durability and weight management.

tumi tegra lite reviews

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