Tumi Vapor Lite Reviews


Tumi Vapor Lite Reviews

Welcome to our Tumi Vapor Lite reviews. This is a review of the Tumi Vapor Lite Short Trip Packing Case (26.5-inches) that we have been using for over a couple of weeks now. This is, without any overestimation, one of the best packing cases in the upmarket and premium-grade segment. There are many reasons for that, and we will go over those in the coming section.

But before that, let’s talk a bit about the general stuff about this packing case.

Tumi clearly advertises the Vapor Lite as a “short trip packing case” and not a carry-on kind of luggage suitcase for long trips. What this means is that the target customers for the Vapor Lite are people who don’t need a very high-end and high impact-resistant product with heavy duty usage specs. And still, they desire good quality and capacity for their stuff while they are traveling. This also means that the Vapor Lite

Tumi Vapor Lite ReviewsThe Vapor Lite comes in three color options, each one more attractive than the previous: Chili, Navy, and Silver.

Tumi Vapor Lite: Details and specs


  • Tumi Vapor is for short trips and quick trips.
  • Made of polycarbonate, the front features a well-constructed and strong material.
  • The whole frame is very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight.
  • The weight is distributed evenly and thus you will face no orientation, balance, or movement problems at all.
  • The build quality is superior to other luggage suitcases in this price range.
  • It comes with two compartments that can be used to store various kinds of stuff effectively for a 3-night period. At only around 9.5 pounds, the Tumi Vapor Lite is one of the lightest you will get in this quality range.


  • It’s a short trip packing case. Not a carry-on kind of luggage suitcase for long trips.
  • The Vapor Lite is not for normal airplane overheads as it’s not a carry-on size. Only bigger planes are appropriate You will have to check in for others.
  • The Short Trip Packing Case is not for more than 3 or 4 nights (that will be stretching things a bit far).


How well does it fare?

A decent 4.2 out of 5 stars is worth a special mention here. Premium-grade luggage suitcases often come up with much¬†less of a rating. That’s why the Tumi Vapor Lite can be called an unconventional product among its peers.

With 72% of the buyers going for a straight 5-star rating, the Vapor Lite surely has an impressive utility and charm. While we used the Tumi Vapor Lite, we were also feeling it. The first couple things you will love are the lightness and the capability of the Vapor Lite to deal with baggage handling at airports. It gets no scratches and the finish remains stunning.

tumi vapor lite reviews

Wrapping up The Tumi Vapor Lite reviews

If you don’t need a carry-on and a long trip case, the Tumi Lite Vapor is the correct product for you. Not only does it come light, but it also functions effectively and holds up pretty well. It looks good, feels premium, and you will have absolutely no qualms about it at all.

If you can’t pack in more stuff, you are packing more than the recommendation. Just remember that and you will be fine on your short trips!